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Origami clutch

Written by Steven Addington


Posted on January 09 2022

Made from one piece of leather folded seven times, this clutch holds everything you need for an adventure out on the town. The clutch includes slots for Cards, folded dividers for cash and fits handsets up to 6.5”

The design challenge for this product was to create a highly functional clutch with one piece of leather. It took many iterations, first made of paper, then hand cut form leather to create the final design. Its now cut out using a bladed steel die and a 2000 lb machine made for shoe manufacturing. The whole thing is held together using a single snap, plus two rivet for the wrist sling. This design eliminated the need for stitching, (traditionally the weakest part of a clutch) creating a highly durable and stylish way to carry cards, cash and a phone.



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