Origami Clutch made from Genuine Full-grain Leather

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Real Premium Leather: Full grain, 5oz chrome-tan leather made in Red Wing, Minnesota by S. B. Foot Tanning Co. from cattle raised on Nebraska’s great plains. 

Folding fast fashion: Folded seven times origami-style out of a single piece of 5oz leather to eliminate any stitching or seams – making this ruggedly durable, and elegantly simple. 

Origami Organization: Three slotted compartments, four card or cash slots and a pen / lipstick slot outfit the modern adventurer for life-necessities.

Solid brass fasteners: The hand-set snaps, D-ring connector and two hand-hammered rivets are made of solid brass for durability, luster and lookin’ good.

Phone-Sized Functional: Fits any size iPhone or Android up to 6.7” screen.