Tända Firewood carrier

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Carry  your firewood bundle with style. The Tända (Swedish for kindle) wood carrier is attractive enough to leave on display by your hearth, and rugged enough to survive even the most extreme firewood gathering adventure. The Tända's unique shoulder strap design pulls the carrier shut, wrapping the firewood bundle tightly in its multiple layers of ballistic and waxed nylon, while the leather carry handles make a short firewood trip easy. 

made from oak-core copper support stays, solid brass hardware, bridal leather and durable waxed and ballistic nylons.

Note on the name: I have always loved the smell of a birch fire. whenever I get firewood, or go foraging in the woods for fuel I look for birch. Last year, We had my Mom over for Christmas eve. Sitting near our living room fireplace enjoying a birch fire, She told me that whenever my Swedish Grandmother went camping or used a wood-fire stove or fireplace she would try to find birch to burn. The sweet scent of a birch fire brought Her home to the small Swedish farmhouse She grew up in. So when it came to giving this carrier a name, I searched for a Swedish word to honor her memory, and the love she carried for the home fires of her childhood.