How I Work...

Inspiration comes from all around. Of course, nature plays a big part in everything I make but also in the design of the bags themselves and how they look and feel. The tools I use to make them are also an inspiration.  All my studio equipment is refurbished and from a time long ago. I know it has worked for decades and I love to honor the past of what it has created while making my very modern bags. I have to coax my machines at times but they get the job done like the many makers before me to lay their hands upon them.

I first consider how I would use the bag, where I would carry it and what it can do for me. From there I consider how others use bags. To me it is about the details of my designs that make them stand apart. I hand wax all the nylon to ensure not only the quality but the look and feel of what I want.

From patterning to production each piece is waxed, cut and sewn by Chip. “It’s all so satisfying from the original design, to creating it, to even letting it go.  There is such a connection and sense of joy when you deliver a piece to a customer. I know they will carry the bag proudly and I know that I MADE IT.”

Everything I make will get you through a weekend in the Boundary Waters or the city. The durability and versatility of these bags are unmatched.