Meet Chip

a man for all seasons… outdoorsman, craftsman, artist

Yes, there is an Addington behind the brand and his name is Chip. A lifelong outdoorsman and tinkerer he understands the demands of nature’s elements on each piece he crafts. As a boy, all it took was a sketch pad and the great outdoors to entertain Chip.  Always a maker, doodler and crafter he set up a miniature forge to hone his blacksmithing skills at the age of 12. His love of nature and need for gear led him to make his first bag in 2013. In 2014, he opened the current studio and set out on this journey.  Chip picked up his sewing skills at an early age from his Grandmother but the bag making is self-taught. While Chip loves to be leading a trek up North or basking in the quiet solitude of a canoe, the studio and his work bench have set him forth on a journey building these luxe bags of refined ruggedness.  A full day brewing coffee, and some sketching with the first cup of coffee. From there it is feet to the ground with designing sewing, emails and shipping.  Evenings and weekends are spent outdoors or working on his 1915 craftsmen house he shares with his wife and daughter near Lake Phalen.