Cotton Face Mask

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Our take on the cotton face mask. Two layers of pleated tightly woven 10 oz cotton twill, elastic behind the head and neck straps, and an internal aluminum nose bridge. For every mask purchased one will be donated to an individual or medical system in need. (We may switch over to donating surgical caps on a two masks to one cap if that need is greater.) Its no N95 but until those become widely available to the public we will be doing what we can to fill the gaps.

Please note that this is not an N-95 rated mask and it will not be able to filter out tiny viruses. Our goal in making this mask was to create a breathable barrier that will reduce the spread of droplets from the wearer.  As an added bonus, we find that wearing a mask reduces the temptation to absent-mindedly touch our face with unwashed hands. The best way to limit the spread of the coronavirus is still to stay at home when possible, keep social distance from non-household members when we must go out, avoid touching our face, and wash our hands frequently. This mask does not replace any of these recommendations, but rather can be used in conjunction with them.

The best way to use this mask is to wash hands before and after donning and doffing the mask. There is a metal strip inserted in the top of the mask that can be molded for a tighter fit around the nose. When you are finished using the mask for the day, we recommend washing with hot water. You may use an iron on hot setting if needed.