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The Everything Stack (coming soon)

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With its versatile and customizable design, this bookcase can be assembled any way you like, from a classic vertical bookcase to a funky, asymmetrical arrangement. it's like a chameleon in your home - it can adapt to any space and any use.

Whether you're an avid reader, someone who needs a small desk to get some quick work done, or just someone who likes to keep their space tidy, this bookcase has got you covered. With its adjustable shelves, drawers, and doors, you can store all your belongings in one convenient location. The pull-down desk provides the perfect surface to work or study, and when you're done, simply close it up and your workspace disappears.

Comprised of eight individual units of different styles The Everything Stack is ready to become the central hub of any space.

This set includes:

  • 1 secretary style pull down desk
  • 2 open small cubbies
  • 1 large open cubby
  • 1 small cabinet cubby
  • 1 small drawer cubby
  • 1 large drawer